Tartu offers a broad range of accommodation options, most of which are within easy walking distance of the conference venue and the historical city centre. 

Hotel London is a four-star hotel located in Tartu’s Old Town, close to the Town Hall Square and the University Main Building. The hotel features 60 rooms on four floors overlooking the streets of the Old Town or a quiet yard.

Single room rate 77€/night
Twin room rate 90€/night
Breakfast included
Book at:, +372 7305 555

Dorpat Hotel is one of the newest in Tartu, situated on the banks of the Emajõgi River and featuring a small spa. It is adjacent to the bus station and the Tasku shopping center.

Single room rate 56€/night
Twin room rate 71€/night
Breakfast, free entrance between 7:00-12:00 at Aura swimming pool (300m from hotel) included
Book at:

Academus Hostel offers good quality accommodation at affordable prices within a 5-minute walk of the city centre.

Twin room rate 40€/night
Breakfast not included
Book at:, +372 530 666 20

Some additional options in Tartu:

Please note that no pre-bookings for these hotels have been made, all information about hotel rates is approximate and prices may change slightly depending on availability. Participants are expected to book their accommodation individually by contacting the providers directly.

Tampere House is a cosy guesthouse situated in the Old Town.  Enjoy home-style accommodation in a 17-century wooden-timber dwelling. Tampere House has just six rooms, of which three are twin/double, three are for groups. Rates are between €50 and €99, including breakfast.

Hotel Tartu is located conveniently close to the bus station and the Tasku shopping centre. It features over 70 modern-style rooms. Single-occupancy rates are approximately €50 per night, including breakfast.

Pallas Hotel offers comfortable accommodation in the downtown of Tartu. The hotel has 62 rooms. Rates for single rooms start at around €50.

If you cannot find the information you need to arrange your accommodation please contact us at

Please note that the hotels listed are third parties and therefore neither the conference organizers nor the University of Tartu are responsible for any bookings or correspondence entered into with any party. Please see the respective websites for booking terms and conditions.