The conference will be held on the historic campus of the University of Tartu.

All conference rooms are equipped with a projector and PC and speakers. Free Wi-Fi will be available in all conference rooms.

Wednesday, October 5

Location: University of Tartu, Ülikooli 18, Assembly Hall

The Assembly Hall is located in the University of Tartu Main Building, which is one of the finest specimens of classicist architecture in Estonia. University Architect Johann Wilhelm Krause constructed the Main Building according to design in 1804–1809. The Assembly Hall inauguration ceremony was held on 31 July 1809, and from that day on, all major events at the university have been celebrated there. Because of its excellent acoustic properties, the Assembly Hall is a superb venue for concerts. The hall's spaciousness makes it also suitable for use as a conference venue.

Thursday, October 6

Location: University of Tartu Museum, Lossi 25, White Hall

The White Hall is part of the old school room of the Dome Cathedral. This monumental 14th century church was the religious centre of the Bishopric of Dorpat until the Reformation. The sacral building stood in ruins for centuries before it was once again utilised in the 19th century, now as a temple of knowledge. The choir area of the ruins became the University Library (finished in 1806). To this day you can see the five imposing octagonal pillars and the niches in the outer walls which give the room a medieval feel.

Friday, October 7

Location: University of Tartu, Ülikooli 18-128

Historical lecture room 128 is located in the University of Tartu Main Building.